Michigan Interagency Dispatch Center

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Fire Training
Course Nominations Due Date/Time Start Date/Time End Location Host Agency Coordinator Coordinator's Contact Info
RT-130 Fire Refresher 31-Jan-2022 04-Oct-2022 10:00   Huron Shores Fire Warehouse USDA Forest Service Ryan Stone ryan.r.stone@usda.gov
RT 130 and WCT 1-Mar-2022 20-Oct-2022 08:00 20-Oct-2022 16:30 TBD USFS Sherretz kevin.sherretz@usda.gov
L-280 1-May-2022 08-Jun-2022 08:30 10-Jun-2022 16:00 Huron Shores Fire Warehouse USDA Forest Service John Norton-Jensen john.norton-jensen@usda.gov
S-212 Wildfire Powersaws 15-May-2022 05-Jun-2022 09:30 07-Jun-2022 18:00 Manistee Zone USFS Joe Raspotnik joseph.raspotnik@usda.gov
ATV / UTV 1-Jun-2022 15-Jun-2022 09:30 15-Jun-2022 17:00 Baldwin or Wellston USFS Sherretz kevin.sherretz@usda.gov
RT-212 Chainsaw Refresher 31-Aug-2022 29-Sep-2022 08:30 30-Sep-2022 16:00 Mio and Huron Shores R.D.'s USDA Forest Service Matt Malesic matthew.malesic@usda.gov
Work Capacity Test 1-Sep-2022 04-Oct-2022 08:30   Huron Shores Ranger Station USDA Forest Servcie Pat Hayes patrick.d.hayes@usda.gov