Michigan Interagency Dispatch Center Input Forms
Today's Fire Danger
HMF East HMF West UPFMZ East UPFMZ Central UPFMZ West Seney NWR
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Today's Preparedness Level

1 1 1 1 1

Today's Staffing Level

HMF East HMF West UPFMU East UPFMU Central UPFMU West Seney NWR
SL-1(Low) SL-1(Low) SL-1(Low) SL-1(Low) SL-1(Low) None

Today's Response Level

HMF East HMF West UPFMU East UPFMU Central UPFMU West Seney NWR
RL-1 RL-1 RL-1 RL-1 RL-1 None

Resource Status

All Details
Agency Administrator Duty Officer Engines in Service Dozers in Service Other Resources Comments Updated
HMF - East
LuberaNorton-Jensen21E-352: Miller + 3, CA-KLF, 9/19/20, Slater; ICT3(T): CA-ANF, 10/17/20, Bobcat; DIVS: CA-ANF, 10/20/20, Bobcat; ABRO: CO-MRF, 10/20/20, East Troublesome Staffing Page from this point forward will be updated based upon RX workload, fire danger, off forest resource changes 20-Oct-2020 8:23:22
HMF - West
Lubera, JWagner21 SL1, RL1. 28-Oct-2020 5:56:12
UPFMZ - East
WestP. Carrick10 Call Carrick (906) 440-6972 for available resources. RL-1 23-Oct-2020 13:30:58
UPFMZ - Central
MarshMajors20UPFM Suppression Module with Type 6 Engine available nationally. Call Duty Officer for resource needs. SL-1, RL-1 Off Forest Resources: Henry IMT to CA 10/5 20-Oct-2020 7:05:45
UPFMZ - West
LenzPaukert00 Call DO for resource needs. SL-1, RL-1 27-Oct-2020 6:45:37
Great Lakes Fire Module
AuriemmoForest D.O.00  9-Oct-2020 10:35:34
Seney - NWR
SiekierskiNone00 Call DO for any needs. 16-Sep-2020 7:25:36
Michigan Agency
OberleWiggins30 Please call MIA DO (Wiggins) cell 906-869-0201 28-Sep-2020 4:59:08

Aviation Resources

ICS Type Status General Location
Updated: 21-Jul-2020 9:32:47

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Aviation, Shared Resources & Law Enforcement Details    Updated 21-Jul-2020 9:32:47
MIDC Hand Crew Roster    Updated 11-Sep-2019 14:57:50
MIDC Interagency Crew Roster    Updated 11-Sep-2019 15:01:15
Bay Mills Type 2 IA Crew Roster    Updated 11-Jun-2019 15:16:46
MIDC Resources Assigned in ROSS    Updated 26-Nov-2019 11:24:57

MIDC Staffing Status

Comments: Dispatch will be teleworking until further notice.
Desk Name Contact
East Zone Angie 231-775-8732
West Zone Angie 231-775-8732
UPFMU Clara 231-775-8732
Aircraft N/A 231-775-8732
Assistant Center Manager Avery 231-775-8732
Center Manager Tom 231-775-8732
HMF Forest-Wide DO: ReeseUPFMZ DO: DaleAviation Officer: Runyan
HMF Line Officer: AuriemmoHIF Line Officer: MorganOTF Line Officer: Lenz
Updated: 28-Oct-2020 8:13

Fire Weather

Northern MI (Gaylord)   Southwest MI (GRR)   Upper MI (MQT)   Northern Indiana   Spot Weather Request

Important Links

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In Briefing Files
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Supply Quick Order Form

MIDC Recent Incidents as of 10/28/2020 16:14

Date Inc # Name Type Location Comment Acres Fuels Resources Status
No Fires!

Year to Date Fire Statistics

Unit Number of Fires Acres Burned
Lightning Human Total Fires Lightning Human Total Acres
MI-HMF 0 165 165 0.00    166.72    166.72   
MI-HIF/OTF 2 24 26 0.20    11.10    11.30   
MI-MIA 0 7 7 0.00    2.43    2.43   
Michigan National Forests 2 189 191 0.20    177.82    178.02   
MI-MIA 0 7 7 0.00    2.43    2.43   
MIDC Total 2 196 198 0.20    180.25    180.45   
Updated 25-Sep-2020 8:15:13