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Resources in Service as of the Date in the Right Column

Unit Resource Supervisor Crew Patrol Location Comments Updated
HMF - East BC-21 Marino   HZ D.O 12-Aug-2022 7:25
HMF - East BC-23 Malesic   Oscoda 12-Aug-2022 7:25
HMF - East D-261 Hayes Hall
Iargo 12-Aug-2022 7:25
HMF - East E-361 Haines Kelly
Iargo 12-Aug-2022 7:25
HMF - East E-619R Carson Anderson
Miller M.
Not staffed until later PM 12-Aug-2022 7:25
HMF - West DIV1 Sherretz, K   D.O. 12-Aug-2022 8:17:53
HMF - West BC12 Chambers, D   zone 12-Aug-2022 8:17:53
HMF - West E612 Nichols, J +1
1-5 12-Aug-2022 8:17:53
HMF - West Dozer 311 Borgman   1-3 project work 12-Aug-2022 8:17:53
HMF - West Dozer 331 Alt, D. +1
4/5 project work 12-Aug-2022 8:17:53
UPFMZ - East E751 HIF B. Wolvert   Zone IA 12-Aug-2022 6:44:02
UPFMZ - East UP BC 41 P. Carrick   Zone IA 12-Aug-2022 6:44:02
UPFMZ - Central E-631 Steffen Schuelke
Rapid River 12-Aug-2022 6:47:48
UPFMZ - West E-661 Meginley Foshag
12-Aug-2022 6:58:25
UPFMZ - West UP Div-7 Paukert   12-Aug-2022 6:58:25
Seney - NWR UPBC-21 Haen   Refuge TFLD/ICT4/STOP 4-Aug-2022 7:23:02
Michigan Agency BIA 1 W. Wiggins W. Wiggins
Statewide Baraga 7-Oct-2021 7:28:59
Michigan Agency BIA 2 S. Virden S. Virden
Statewide Mount Pleasant 7-Oct-2021 7:28:59
Michigan Agency KBIC1 T. Chosa T. Chosa
KBIC Area only LAnse-Baraga 7-Oct-2021 7:28:59

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